How can I point to a local WSDL file by a relative path in soapUI SOAPClient?

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  • JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform (SOA-P) 5


  • How can I set the "wsdl" property for SOAPClient action by pointing to a WSDL file contained within the .esb file, using a relative path?
  • The idea is to do something like this:
<action name="soap-client"  class="org.jboss.soa.esb.actions.soap.SOAPClient">
    <property name="wsdl" value="file://META-INF/MyService.wsdl">
  • However, I tried the above but it didn't work.


The only supported protocols in SOAPClient are http(s): and file:, and the file: protocol doesn't support relative path.

As a possible alternative, you may use the system properties ${jboss.home.url} (which is $JBOSS_HOME) or ${jboss.server.home.url} (which is $JBOSS_HOME/server/$PROFILE) to configure jboss-esb.xml, as follows:

<action name="soap-client"  class="org.jboss.soa.esb.actions.soap.SOAPClient">
    <property name="wsdl" value="${jboss.server.home.url}/MyService.wsdl">

You can also define your own system properties. Refer to the following community resources:

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