[Satellite 6] virt-who is not reporting the VMware Hypervisor whose FQDN is recently changed

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  • Red Hat Satellite 6.2
  • virt-who-0.19-6.el7_4.noarch
  • VMware


  • virt-who is not reporting the VMware Hypervisor whose fully-qualified-domain-name is recently changed, it is not listed in SatWEBUI
    For example, a VMware ESX Host has name changed from pvxhost1.example.com to pvyhost1example.com, virt-who is still reporting the old hostname instead of the new.


  • Contact VMware administrator.
    After the VMware ESX/ESXi hostname change, there could still be old entries left in the DB and needs cleaning up.

Root Cause

  • VMware still keep the old cache after ESX/ESXi hostname change.

Diagnostic Steps

  • Create virt-who filter to ensure Hypervisors are reported and verify that the virt-who config is reporting hostname:
 filter_hosts=host1.example.com,host2.example.com, host3.example.com
  • Restart virt-who and verify that the correct number of Hypervisors/guests reported in virt-who log has the same number of Hypervisor/guest in VMware WEBUI:
2017-10-30 10:05:28,040 [virtwho.destination_-7426371236027194430 INFO] MainProcess(9391):Thread-3 @subscriptionmanager.py:hypervisorCheckIn:202 - Sending update in hosts-to-guests mapping for config "destination_-7426371236027194430": 3 hypervisors and 47 guests found
  • In the SatWEBUI > Host > Content Hosts>, look for the above 3 included Hypervisors

  • If the Hypervisor is not listed, take note of a guest of Hypervisor in Vmware WEBUI and search in:
    SatWEBUI > Host > Content Host >
    On guest "Details tab", look for

    Virtual Host xxxxx

  • Check the host linked of the VM and verify it has the correct name to that in the VMware.

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