ORA-02014: cannot select FOR UPDATE from view with DISTINCT, GROUP BY, etc. on BPMS 6.4

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  • Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite
    • 6.4.6+


We applied the latest patch for BPM Suite 6.4.6 and we started seeing the following errors continuously:

ERROR [org.hibernate.engine.jdbc.spi.SqlExceptionHelper] (EJB default - 1) ORA-02014: cannot select FOR UPDATE from view with DISTINCT, GROUP BY, etc.


  • Upgrade to BPM Suite 6.4.111 in order to use org.jbpm.persistence.jpa.hibernate.DisabledFollowOnLockOracle10gDialect
  • In BPM Suite 6.4.6, 6.4.7 and 6.4.8 it is required to use org.hibernate.dialect.Oracle10gDialect instead of org.jbpm.persistence.jpa.hibernate.DisabledFollowOnLockOracle10gDialect.

Root Cause

In BPMS 6.4.6, a new column priority has been added to the RequestInfo table to allow prioritization of asynchronous tasks.1 This results in a query syntax that is unsupported by Oracle when using org.jbpm.persistence.jpa.hibernate.DisabledFollowOnLockOracle10gDialect.

Note that dialect should be configured in 2 places:
- business-central.war/WEB-INF/classes/META-INF/persistence.xml
- system property "org.kie.server.persistence.dialect" (e.g. in standalone.xml)

As the default Oracle dialect can potentially lead to a job getting executed by multiple job executor threads, a fix for the failing query has been provided to support the org.jbpm.persistence.jpa.hibernate.DisabledFollowOnLockOracle10gDialect in BPMS 6.4.9 again.2 Another fix in this code has been provided in BPMS

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