RFE - add support for for directory environment variable in bash

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  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7
  • bash-4.2.46-29.el7_4


  • In bash-4.3, when use tab to auto complete the variable, if the variable is
    a directory, it will append a "/" after the variable.
# ls $HOM    -> click TAB
# ls $HOME/
  • RHEL provides bash-4.2 in RHEL7, it will append a space after the variable.
# ls $HOM    -> click TAB
# ls $HOME<space>


Update to bash-4.2.46-31.el7 shipped with Advisory RHBA-2018:3117 or newer.

Root Cause

This enhancement was backported from bash-4.3, tracked by Bug 1495398.

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