Bash completion for oc command does not work

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  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 7.4
  • Red Hat OpenShift Linux Client (oc) v3.


  • Bash completion for oc command does not work. Pressing tab key after oc does not show openshift client command parameters.


  • When deploying the Openshift Linux client from tar.gz archive, user should manually generate the completion script for bash with the following command:

    # oc completion bash >>/etc/bash_completion.d/oc_completion
  • The output file can be saved in user local directory and sourced from ~/.bashrc file as well.

Root Cause

OpenShift Linux Client /usr/bin/oc can be installed from atomic-openshift-clients.rpm package or simply extracted from tar.gz archive to any user directory.

The package version contains manual pages and bash completion script which is installed in default location: /etc/bash_completion.d/oc while only a single executable file is available in the archive version.

Diagnostic Steps

With autocompletion enabled the shell presents oc supported commands:

# oc 
adm              completion       describe         get              new-app          process          rsync            tag
annotate         config           edit             idle             new-build        project          run              types
apply            convert          env              import           new-project      projects         scale            version
attach           cp               exec             import-image     observe          proxy            secrets          volumes
auth             create           explain          label            options          replace          serviceaccounts  whoami
autoscale        debug            export           login            patch            rollback         set              
cancel-build     delete           expose           logout           policy           rollout          start-build      
cluster          deploy           extract          logs             port-forward     rsh              status 

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Not working for Openshift 3.7 because there is no atomic-openshift-clients package anymore

The provided solution requires root and a modification of the host.

A solution for non privileged users is the following... source <(oc completion bash) OR... source <(oc completion zsh)

Automate it by adding it to your shell profile.

OpenShift 4.3 can work on bastion.

For the neophyte, not sure what this means: The output file can be saved in user local directory and sourced from ~/.bashrc file as well. I can't find that file. I can't seem to put the oc_bash_completion file anywhere bash can find it. I'm sure it's not that complicated, but it is for me!