Virtual machines on S390 migrated from one CPU to another kernel panic on boot

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  • Virtual machines on an S390 migrated from a model 990 cpu to a Z196 CPU. Two of the machines booted up properly, and the other two kernel panic after trying to start the udev service.
Welcome to Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server                      
Setting clock  (utc): Sun Feb 24 10:13:37 EST 2013 [  OK  ]                     
Starting udev: operand exception: 0015 [#1]                                     
CPU: 1 Not tainted 2.6.18-238.1.1.el5 #1                                        
Process ccw_init (pid: 811, task: 000000001c956148, ksp: 000000001eb83a08)      
Krnl PSW : 0704000180000000 0000000020a2bf0e (do_QDIO+0x456/0x23b8 [qdio])      
Krnl GPRS: 0000000000000001 0000000000010014 0000000080000000 0000000000010014  
           0000000080000000 0000000000000001 0000000000000000 0000000000000000  
           000002000000000f 0000000000000000 000000001dd27000 000000001d7a2000  
           0000000020a2a000 0000000020a3e260 000000001eb83cc0 000000001eb83bc8  
Krnl Code: b2 22 00 30 88 30 00 1c 12 33 a7 84 00 0c bf 5f b2 50 a7 84          
Call Trace:                                                                     
([<0000000020b43000>] __mod_vermagic5+0xb9152/0xb9e56 [qeth])                   
 [<0000000020b56e44>] __qeth_set_online+0x1820/0x1d50 [qeth]                    
 [<000000002091f4dc>] ccwgroup_online_store+0x10c/0x1fc [ccwgroup]              
 [<00000000001ff79c>] sysfs_write_file+0x10c/0x178                              
 [<00000000001a3c96>] vfs_write+0xd2/0x1ac                                      
 [<00000000001a434a>] sys_write+0x52/0x80                                       
 [<000000000010e5a8>] sysc_noemu+0x10/0x16                                      
 [<00000042c35f1d84>] 0x42c35f1d84                                              

 <0>Kernel panic - not syncing: Fatal exception: panic_on_oops


  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5
  • s390

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