Fuse ESB: setting package version with wrap url on non OSGi jar

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  • Fuse ESB 7.1


  • How to set the bundle version information when using the "osgi:install wrap:mvn..."


installing within the karaf console using osgi:install and wrap url setting the

  • Bundle-SymbolicName
  • Bundle-Version
  • Export-Package with version numbers

osgi:install -s 'wrap:mvn:com.example.myjar/myjar/1.0.3$Bundle-SymbolicName=myjar&Bundle-Version=1.0.3&Export-Package=com.example.myjar;version=1.0.3,com.example.demo;version=1.0.3'

NOTE: the single quotes above are important

and in a features file :


<feature name="myfeature">


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The wrapping of a jar file automatically generates bundle imports and exports. Can I append packages to the auto-generated exports and/or imports using this annotation or will the example above just overwrite the auto-generated imports/exports?