How to run katello-package-upload forcefully on Red Hat Satellite clients?

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  • Red Hat Satellite 6.x


  • How to upload package list to Red Hat Satellite forcefully?


  • Please remove the existing details stored about the installed packages from the client host.

    • For any client hosts below RHEL 7.7

      # mv /var/lib/rhsm/packages/packages.json /tmp
    • For any client hosts having the RHEL version 7.7 or greater.

      # mv /var/lib/rhsm/cache/profile.json /tmp
  • Run the below command to upload the package list:

     # katello-package-upload
     # katello-enabled-repos-upload 
  • Verify whether a new task was created for the package upload related to the host in Satellite server:

    Satellite WebUI:   Monitor -> Tasks  ->  Search  for "label = Actions::Katello::Host::UploadPackageProfile or label = Actions::Katello::Host::UploadProfiles"

Diagnostic Steps

  • Make sure that katello-agent and\or katello-host-tools packages are installed and up to date:

    # rpm -q katello-agent katello-host-tools
  • Optionally, ensure that the goferd service is up and running:

    # ps aux | grep goferd
    root     29485  2.5  2.4 945380 47808 ?        Ssl  03:05   0:22 python /usr/bin/goferd
    root     31084  9.2  0.0 103252   840 pts/1    S+   03:20   0:00 grep goferd

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