Manifest refresh fails with Unit <uuid> has been deleted

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  • Red Hat Satellite 6


  • Error in /var/log/foreman/production.log when refreshing the manifest:
[E] Error during manifest refresh: {"displayMessage"=>"Unit 16a83e43-2c35-4974-abf5-a
cc93f2b28a3 has been deleted", "requestUuid"=>"559c7907-ec95-459e-ba5a-ac6eb480204e", "deletedId"=>"16a83e43-2c35-4974-abf5-acc93f2b28a3"}


1) Create new profile on the Customer portal for the Satellite (or download the a new manifest from the existing profile)
Login to the Red Hat Customer Portal and select Subscriptions > Subscription Allocations > select current Satellite Organization profile > Add subscriptions to the manifest and download.

2) Upload the manifest the Satellite.
In Satellite: Content > Red Hat Subscriptions > Manage Manifest > Upload Manifest

If a subscription was on the previous manifest but not on the new one the systems attached to that subscription will become unsubscribed. Review the subscription in the Red Hat Subscriptions list in Satellite before uploading the new manifest.

Root Cause

The uuid's listed here are the uuid's attached to the Satellite manifests. The uuid for the one attached to the Satellite is no longer found on the portal, so the refresh fails. This would indicate that the previous Satellite profile was deleted and another was created again. Deleting the profile from the portal that the Satellite manifest was generated from ensures that the manifest will not properly refresh again unless a new manifest is uploaded to the Satellite.

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