Why a connection is only present in one side of the servers (zombie connections)in Red Hat Enterprise Linux?

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  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 all versions

  • Third party firewall / appliance


  • Connections between a web server and a database server is active only in one side of the servers when you have a firewall in the middle. You can check this behavior using netstat command:

    Web Server:
    [root@WEB ~]# netstat -apn | grep
    tcp 0 0 IP_WEB:47303 IP_DB:3306 ESTABLISHED 19001/java 
    Database Server:
    [root@DB ~]# netstat -apn | grep 47303
    (no established connections related to port 47303)

The connection appears to be alive only in the web server side. What can cause it?


  • Check firewall configuration to see if the connection timeout value is less than the timeout value defined in operation system.

  • Check connection timeout values defined in operation system. The most important parameters are:


Root Cause

  • If firewall has a timeout value less than the timeout value defined in operation system, firewall will terminate the connection without send the FYN signal to finish the connection for both sides/servers correctly.
  • The better way to avoid this behavior is maintain the timeout values aligned between firewall and operation system.

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