'openstack-status: command not found' in OSP10

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  • Red Hat OpenStack Platform 10


  • After installing OSP10 via director, unable to run 'openstack-status' command:
[stack@osp10-instack~]$ openstack-status
-bash: openstack-status: command not found


  • The commands like openstack-status, openstack-service and openstack-config come from a package openstack-utils which is a part of rhel-7-server-openstack-10-devtools-rpms repository in OSP10.

  • Comparing to earlier versions of OSP, the openstack-utils package does not come pre-installed with the OSP 10 installation and has to be installed separately.

Root Cause

  • openstack-utils package does not come pre-installed with OSP10, and has to be installed separately enabling the repository rhel-7-server-openstack-10-devtools-rpms.
# yum install -y openstack-utils

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