On restarting Satellite getting the error Status: "403 Forbidden" with NPBootstrap

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  • While restarting or checking status of rhn-satellite service, getting the error Status: 403 Forbidden for NPBootstrap.
2012-04-12 14:16:01 NPBootstrap: WARNING: STARTED BUT *NOT* RUNNING
2012-04-12 14:16:01 NPBootstrap:        !! ERROR FROM SHELL COMMAND: 
2012-04-12 14:16:01 NPBootstrap:        !! STDOUT: Requesting https://satellite.example.com/satconfig/cgi-bin/fetch_netsaintid.cgi?ssk=b16d48f2263d&publickey=ssh-dss%20AAAAB3NzaC1kc3MAAACBAMRR53I8CxW5%2BpIwCLrr0LPzpMG4BoH9ytaFN1oNFz1hi49Z8kR3GSHdOBIZ%2BGdMMp5ZsPpHumO%2Bv72VtmWTlAdrnE3OJQDSdQJ1NhIhyBH7a3IejdO3zt4ABzUlHqvS5Zg4kDTI6jU3eyFlr2ZAFQ4XDsbw8AE7pshLT6WMU6KHAAAAFQDcSiGZWoxEoKwhGmyvB00PkLma6wAAAIEApgRAM2TOYw%2F%2FzQd%2FrN8rCzTr57Irf9RbslI6OTW0hst1RMhVy3ywK254afJykqajpWsMbjw4sSh%2FbSw9o5M87P9%2FcdvjOiicfPN6HyZ7a5rYHcUleKdkm0WvbuzkoDf29kwlFz0KhiUgrd4LnfhgDYB2CJBUsBs7g8IMsyphuWMAAACBAJfrxyj9kE9HAJ1TB1suLK0aaeVZNhHF9gCYN5xImIEeCNTpMYXv2rX8Sp3vryIHLKhjxKm%2BRwDeMC6KDpCx0%2F2kEj0wEr8vWkuIl8L3KdMJ8UvZeqw0JJj8dlWo0X3JcSHjXjdlxEHVVF9FSE6FKZLDsfo%2FpU0hHX4mh6e5xLXZ%20nocpulse%40ncias-p632%2Enci%2Enih%2Egov%0A
Error on attempt 1:  Status: '403 Forbidden'; content: '<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd">
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