How many times does JBoss ESB's RedeliverService attempt redelivery?

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  • JBoss Enterprise Service Oriented Architecture Platform (SOA-P)
    • 5.x


  • I know that JBoss ESB has "JBossESB-Internal:RedeliverService" service in jbossesb.esb and the service tries to redeliver messages which the ESB fails to deliver in the action pipeline.
  • But, how many times does this redelivery service try to redeliver a message before sending it to the DLQ message store?
  • How can I configure the max attempts of redelivery?


The default number of max redeliveries is 20.

To configure how many times it tries to redeliver, modify the following "max-redeliveries" property in $PROFILE/deploy/jbossesb.esb/META-INF/jboss-esb.xml:

        <service category="JBossESB-Internal" name="RedeliverService" description="Scheduled Service to Redeliver Messages">
            <actions mep="OneWay">
                <action name="RedeliverMessagesAction" class="org.jboss.soa.esb.actions.MessageRedeliverer">
                    <property name="max-redeliveries" value="20"/>

If you omit the "max-redeliveries" property, then the number of max redeliveries is set to 10.

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