How to generate SVGs for business process to retrieve process instance image without designer in BPM Suite 6?

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  • Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite (BPMS) 6.x
  • Red Hat Process Automation Manager(PAM) 7.x


  • Is there any way to generate SVGs outside designer? For instance, build the kjar in JBDS, upload it to business-central and then be able to retrieve the process instance image via REST without having to use designer.
  • Upload a kjar to business-central and have the ability to see the process instance image using the restful URL without opening and saving individual processes;
  • What if I build kjars using eclipse? Is there a means to download these SVGs and put in the kjars that we package?
  • Generating SVG file for processes with DevStudio
  • We are using DevStudio for processes development and not BusinessCentral. In BusinessCentral, the generation of the SVG file is automatically done when saving the process, but in DevStudio, could we use a tool to generate the SVG file for the process ? For example, a maven plugin which could create the SVG file from the BPMN file, an Eclipse plugin.


It is not currently possible and there are no available plugins to generate the SVG files.

The available workaround is to import the assets to Business Central, edit and save them.

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