Translate Criteria isn't working in MetaMatrix update/delete procedures

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  • MetaMatrix Enterprise Server 5.5.4


  • We are not properly translating criteria in update/delete procedures. Instead, we are passing a Virtual Element name all the way down to the source system, without translating it to the actual NameInSource. This results in a bogus statement sent to the source system, and produces an error.


The default TRANSLATE CRITERIA feature will only work against a single table.  Since the query is against a virtual table whose transformation contains joins, a union, etc., MetaMatrix cannot resolve how to map the columns.

Fortunately TRANSLATE CRITERIA has a couple of keywords that will allow you to be more specific.  They are ON and WITH. [1]  WITH allows you to specify a column by column mapping [2].


[2] The is a bug with using the ON and WITH keywords that has been resolved with the latest server and designer patches for MetaMatrix version 5.5.4

You can download the latest server patch from
You can download the latest Enterprise Designer patch from:

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