Not all files or deployments are available on the JBoss ON Content -> New pages if total number of files exceeds the items per page setting

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  • Red Hat JBoss Operations Network (ON) 3.3


  • Content tab in user-interface (UI) does not refresh or display all available deployments
  • If the new content page is set to display 15 items per page the 16th deployment will be missing from page 2
  • If number of deployments on the content page exceeds the number of items displayed per page, some deployments will be missing


Increase Items per page to a value larger then the number of deployments and refresh the page.

This issue will be addressed in a future release.

Root Cause

There is a bug in the code used to load the items into the page control in the user-interface (UI). This results in an incorrect item index being applied to subsequent pages of the control and therefore some items never getting displayed.

This issue has been reported in BZ-1367505.

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