Cannot su in to user accounts. Error "No such file or directory"

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  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.3


Customer trying to su as root user accounts and it failed with the error below :

[datacenter@localhost log]$ su - root
Password:: No such file or directory

same error occurs if try to su as user x.

[datacenter@localhost log]$ su - x
: No such file or directory

Not even able to ssh as the user root.


This issue happen because customer edited the /etc/passwd from a Window environment.
Noticed /etc/passwd file had DOS line endings.

For example when we use vi editor to open /etc/passwd file following were noticed :

vi /etc/passwd

The ^M should not be there and is likely introduced by editing on a Windows platform (although there could be other explanations).

In order to fix the issue remove ^M at the end of each line in /etc/passwd file.

Root Cause

Attempting to edit Red Hat configuration lines from Windows add ^M at end of line.
Windows line ending charactors are different to linux line ending charactors.

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