Is there a way to enable only request validation in JBoss ESB EBWS?

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  • JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform
    • 5.x


  • We are using JBoss ESB's ESB based web services (EBWS) for exposing WSDLs defined in XSD.
  <actions inXsd="/request.xsd" outXsd="/response.xsd" faultXsd="/fault.xsd"
           validate="true" webservice="true">
    <action name="action" class="com.sample.actions.ESBWSListenerAction" />
  • We are currently validating the incoming request against the XSDs by setting validate="true". However, this validates both the request and response, and there are scenarios where the response does not comply with the XSD.
  • Is there any way in which we can enable request validation only for request and not for response?


There is no such way that you can enable only the request validation in EBWS. However, you can effectively do the same thing by turning validate to false and instead using the SchemaValidationAction in the action pipeline to validate the request only.

For more information on SchemaValidationAction, refer to the section "12.8.2. SchemaValidationAction" in the JBoss ESB Programmer's Guide.

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