Fuse ESB 4 : How to configureOSGi Http service

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  • Fuse ESB 4.x


  • How to enable/disable Fuse ESB 4 OSGi Http access

  • How to configure the OSGi Http service port


Pax Web is the OSGi R4 Http Service and Web Container (RFC66) implementation using Jetty 6. Fuse ESB 4 relies on Pax Web to provide the OSGi Http service. You could configure the OSGi Http service port using following Pax Web configuration variable:


The default value is 8080. A value of Zero will allow Pax Web automatically determine a free port to use for HTTP access.

To enable/disable Http access, the following Pax Web configuration boolean variable can be used. The default value is "true".


The above variables can be configured in "etc\config.properties" file of Fuse ESB 4 installation.

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FUSE ESB 4.1.x


Since Fuse ESB 4.1.x, the OSGi Http service port was changed to 8181 in order to avoid conflict with other applications. If you have a look at you Fuse ESB 4.x installation "etc\config.properties" file, you will see this entry:


# Default port for the OSGI HTTP Service