How to configure nfs.enable_ino64 parameter

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  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • NFS


  • How to configure enable_ino64 parameter?
  • How to set enable_ino64?


This is a nfs module option and can be set using the following ways.

  1. Using grub parameter nfs.enable_ino64
  2. Using modprobe.conf
- On RHEL 5 the /etc/modprobe.conf file can be used.

- On RHEL 6 and later, you can also use a file with the module name at /etc/modprobe.d/<modulename.conf>

Following is a sample configuration.

# echo "options nfs enable_ino64=0"  > /etc/modprobe.d/nfs.conf

Diagnostic Steps

  • To check if the module parameter has been applied successfully.
# cat /sys/modules/nfs/parameters/enable_ino64  
  • When nfs is mounted and its modules are loaded, the setting becomes effective. It is recommended to apply the settings before nfs gets mounted.
  • If nfs is already mounted you need to unmount and ensure the modules are reloaded to make this effective.

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