Pods hung in Pending after deploy

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  • Red Hat OpenShift Enterprise 3.1


  • After deploying pods in OpenShift, some pods never recover from Pending status
  • Pods are showing as Pending in the OpenShift web console
  • Pods are showing as Pending in the OpenShift command-line interface (CLI) tool


Retry the last deployment, if it is in a failed state:

$ oc deploy <config-name> --retry

If retry fails, cancel an in-progress deployment at any time:

$ oc deploy <config-name> --cancel

To kick off a new deployment, if there is no pending deployment:

$ oc deploy <config-name> --latest

To remove pods stuck in pending or terminating, see How to delete pods stuck in pending or terminating.

Root Cause

This behavior may be associated with a known issue with Kubernetes

Diagnostic Steps

Further diagnostics of the Red Hat container registry may be obtained by troubleshooting the container registry. Also see solution about Pods fail to start when pulling an image.

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