Enterprise Data Services and DataVirtualization return different resultsets given the same user query

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  • Red Hat JBoss Data Virtualization 6
  • Enterprise Data Services 5


  • EDS and DV unexpectedly return different results


TRACE logging for EDS and JDV needs to be obtained for comparison. Specifically around the query plan and the resulting source queries.

Comparison of TRACE logging will determine next steps for resolution.

Diagnostic Steps

find the source commands in each log
$ grep 'START DATA SRC COMMAND' .log | sed -e 's/.sql=//' > 531-src.log
$ grep 'START DATA SRC COMMAND' .log | sed -e 's/.
sql=//' > 62-src.log

$ git diff 531-src.log 62-src.log

walk back to find where deviation is occurring

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