SessionNotFoundException by trying to complete an User Task after a server restart in BPM Suite 6.0.x

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  • Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite (BPMS) 6.0.x


SessionNotFoundException: No session found for context 1 is thrown by trying to complete an User Task after a server restart, it uses PerProcessInstanceRuntimeManager (Per Process Instance runtime strategy). Basically, it calls startApprovalWorkflow() to start the process - this should stop at the user task and wait. After that, the server is restarted. Then it tries to complete the task and the error is thrown:

11:40:09,915 WARN  [] (http-localhost/ [//] Could not commit session: org.kie.internal.runtime.manager.SessionNotFoundException: No session found for context 1
    at org.jbpm.runtime.manager.impl.PerProcessInstanceRuntimeManager.getRuntimeEngine( [jbpm-runtime-manager-6.0.2-redhat-6.jar:6.0.2-redhat-6]
    at [jbpm-human-task-workitems-6.0.2-redhat-6.jar:6.0.2-redhat-6]
    at [jbpm-human-task-core-6.0.2-redhat-6.jar:6.0.2-redhat-6]

**Note: ** It works if the server is not restarted or if set SingletonRuntimeManager (Singleton runtime strategy).


This is a bug that has been fixed in BPM Suite 6.1.0.

Root Cause

Please refers to BZ-1195142 to obtain further details.

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