Does MetaMatrix control transactions?

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  • MetaMatrix Enterprise Server


  • Can MetaMatrix control the transaction between different datasource?


The MetaMatrix JDBC driver supports three types of transactions from a client perspective – global, local, and request level. All three of these are implemented by the MetaMatrix Server as XA transactions.

The underlying enterprise information system and connector must support XA transactions. The JDBC XA Connectors supplied with the MetaMatrix System support transactions.

MetaMatrix supports the following JDBC data sources in distributed transactions. Other data source types are not yet supported. Some of these data sources require preparation in order to be involved in an XATransaction.
                •   Oracle
                     Version 9i
                     Version 10g
                     Version 11g
                 •   SQL Server
                     Version 2000
                     Version 2005
                 •   DB2
                     Version 8.1 or later
                 •   Sybase
                     Version 12.5 or later
                 •   MySQL
                     Version 5.x
                 •   PostGreSQL
                     Version 8.1

For more information regarding Transactions please refer to the MetaMatrix Client Developer's Guide.

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