Camel packages missing in fuse repository

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  • Red Hat JBoss Fuse
    • 6.2.1


  • We installed the latest FSW 6.2.1 with Switchyard 2.0.1.redhat-621084. Switchyard has maven dependencies on Camel 2.15.1.redhat-621084.
  • We are using the two repositories as stated here.
  • Most of the Camel dependencies cannot be resolved. In we can find the version 2.15.1.redhat-621084 for a few Camel packages (e.g. camel-core). For most of the packages this version is missing (e.g. camel-jms).


With the repositories as shown to be configured in settings.xml file as per this link, there are no problems when creating a New Switchyard'project.

  • There is an issue with the doc regarding this as this confuses what needs to be set in the settings.xml file. Hence, we have logged a report for this here,

  • You will need to have the fuse public repos for some of these dependencies to work alongwith the repos as per the above link.

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I'm using Jboss Fuse (jboss-fuse-6.2.1.redhat-166) Version and it comes with camel version (2.15.1.redhat-621166). But i couldnot find the respective camel version in "" repo. Any idea where i could download these version of camel jars from any online maven repo ?