What log files should I gather to troubleshoot a storage issue with Anaconda?

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  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7


  • Storage is not available or usable during installation
  • Partition fails during installation


  • Retry the installation and continue until the installation can't proceed due to the error.
  • Use the following to break out to a shell after Anaconda has started
    • Ctrl+Alt+F2


  • If Anaconda has not started yet, you will need to use this key combination to send the initial installation steps to the background to access a shell.
    • Ctrl+z
    • Type exit to return to the installation

Gathering troubleshooting logs:

# mkdir /tmp/storage
# cp /tmp/anaconda-tb* /tmp/storage/anaconda-tb.log
# dmesg &> /tmp/storage/dmesg.log
# fdisk -l &> /tmp/storage/fdisk.log
# parted -sl &> /tmp/storage/parted.log
# multipath -ll &> /tmp/storage/mpath.log
# ls -lR &> /tmp/storage/dev.log
# udevadm info --export-db &> /tmp/storage/udev-exportdb.log
# lvm lvs &> /tmp/storage/lvs.log
# lvm vgs &> /tmp/storage/vgs.log
# lvm pvs &> /tmp/storage/pvs.log
# dmsetup info &> /tmp/storage/dmsetup-info.log
# cat /proc/partitions &> /tmp/storage/proc_part.log
# cat /proc/scsi/scsi &> /tmp/storage/proc_scsi.log
# cat /proc/modules &> /tmp/storage/proc_modules.log
# tar cjf anaconda-logs.tar.bz2 /tmp/*log /tmp/storage/*

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