Team device has same hw address as of all slaves/ports. Is it normal behavior? How to change this behavior?

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  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7
  • Teaming


  • Switch port is flapping due to same mac address in team ports.
  • What is the equivalent of fail_over_mac in teaming?


  • This is expected behaviour as per default policy.
    Use following hwaddr_policy option to change :
{"runner": {"name": "activebackup", "hwaddr_policy": "by_active"}} 

Root Cause

  • runner.hwaddr_policy (string) : This defines the policy of how hardware addresses of team device and port devices should be set during the team lifetime.

  • The following are available:

 same_all — All ports will always have the same hardware address as the associated team device.

 by_active — Team device adopts the hardware address of the currently active port. This is useful when the port device is not able to change its hardware address.

only_active — Only the active port adopts the hardware address of the team device. The others have their own.

Default: same_all

Diagnostic Steps

  • Check status using following command :
# teamdctl team0 state
or for more verbosity
# teamdctl team state view -v

To get a complete dump of the configuration you can run:
# teamdctl team0 config dump

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