Minimal 'NetworkManager' package installation on RHEL 7

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  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.1 and later
  • NetworkManager-1.0.0-14.git20150121.b4ea599c.el7 or later
  • redhat-release-server-7.1-1.el7 or later


Is it possible to install NetworkManager on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 7, without including elements such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, wireless wide area network (WWAN) when they are not required?


NetworkManager support for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, wireless wide area network (WWAN) has now been split into separate sub-packages to allow for smaller installations. To keep the main NetworkManager package as small as possible with as few dependencies as possible, we have split the NetworkManager RHEL 7.1 package into a core package with optional sub-packages for hardware support.

This was implemented as part of the errata included in the following advisories for RHEL 7. The first advisory below relates to the actual package split and the second relates to comps implementation; ensuring that everything is included within the appropriate repositories, etc.:

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