How do I apply individual or cumulative patches for JBoss Data Grid server JDG 6.5 and later?

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  • Red Hat JBoss Data Grid (JDG)
    • 6.6
    • 7.x


  • How do I apply an individual patches for a JDG server instance?
  • How do I know whether the ZIP file must be used with the patch command?
  • Is it possible to use the patch command for an EAP installation to install or patch the JDG modules?


  • To facilitate patch management with zip-based installations, Red Hat has added a patch command in the JBoss CLI.
  • This tool based patching is only available for the JDG server installation at this moment.
  • User can use below command to apply patches:


Interactive example

[disconnected /] patch apply jboss-datagrid-<JDG_version>-server-<patch_version>.zip
    "outcome" : "success",
    "result" : {}

Non-Interactive example

$JDG_HOME/bin/ --command="patch apply jboss-datagrid-<JDG_version>-server-<patch_version>.zip"
    "outcome" : "success",
    "result" : {}

How to identify a zip file for the patch command

  • Until JDG 6.5 individual patches are provided as simple ZIP files.
  • It is possible that former files are not meant to be installed with the patch command.
  • Files which must be installed with the patch command can be identified by checking the root folder of the file.
  • It must contain a file named patch.xml


  • If you are not connected to a JDG server (the CLI console is reportting disconnected as illustrated above), the patch will be applied to the JDG installation jboss-cli is running from. Otherwise, the patch will be applied to the JDG installation the jboss-cli is currently connected to.
  • Patch information is maintained in <JDG_HOME>/.installation/identity.con. Do not delete this invisible directory.

Root Cause

For convenience further individual patches are provided as a zip which must be installed with the management interface.
This ensure that patches installed to the correct version of JDG and does not override already installed patches without any notice.

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