JBoss Portal 6.1.1 is not available for monitoring in JBoss ON 3.3.2

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  • JBoss Operations Network (JON) 3.3.2
  • Red Hat JBoss Portal (EPP) 6.1.1
  • Portal Platform Management Plug-in Pack for Red Hat JBoss Operations Network 3.3


Unable to monitor EPP isntance in JON. agent.log show this:

Unable to connect to managed resource of type [JBossAS7 Standalone Server] using the specified connection properties.
org.rhq.core.pluginapi.inventory.InvalidPluginConfigurationException: Failed to start component for resource Resource[id=10078, uuid=fd5c9b3e-276e-4e78-92fb-0653a521676b, type={JBossAS7}JBossAS7 Standalone Server, key=hostConfig: /home/jboss-portal-6.1/standalone/configuration/standalone.xml, name=JPP (, parent=localhost.localdomain, version=JPP 6.1.1.ER01].
Caused by: org.rhq.core.pluginapi.inventory.InvalidPluginConfigurationException: The original product type discovered for this server was Portal Platform, but the server is now reporting its product type is [Portal]


The Portal Management Plug-in Pack Update-02 for JBoss ON 3.3 fix is available in our customer portal . Please apply that and try again.

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