JON is unable to discover JBoss instances due to missing plug-ins

Updated 2014-07-07T14:35:53+00:00


  • Having just installed the JON server and agent, the agent doesn't seem to be discovering the JBoss EAP instances even though the output from ps -aux indicates it is running.
  • JON does not discover running JBoss instances
  • We installed the JON agent and we are noticing that the jvms are not reporting to JON
  • Which plugins are required for monitoring server resources where jboss run?
  • Which plugins are required to monitor jboss resources?


  • Red Hat JBoss Operations Network (JON)
    • 2.2.x
    • 2.3.x
    • 2.4.x
    • 3.x.x
  • No JON Plug-In Packs installed or the required plug-in is missing

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