For RH134 class, lab sa2-review grade says that Kerberos mount point /mnt/essos is missing.

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  • Red Hat Online Learning 1.0
  • Class: RH134
  • Section: Comprehensive Review


  • While attempting comprehensive review for RH134 class, lab sa2-review grade fails saying that Kerberos mount point /mnt/essos is missing.


  • The grading script is looking for the fully qualified domain name(FQDN) for server22. Change /etc/fstab file to reference:
  • After that, unmount and remount the device and the script will grade in the appropriate way.

Root Cause

  • The lab review expects the FQDN(and not short-name 'server22')

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If that's the case, then perhaps the instructions should indicate that "" is to be mounted rather than just "server19"

Functionally, server19 matches the instructions, mounts correctly, and remounts correctly on reboot if entered in /etc/fstab. Nowhere is it indicated that an FQDN is expected/required.

The actual course examples use serverX as the mount name and NOT the FQDN. Therefore, the final grading script does not match the actual course material