Selected main updates channel in rhn_register but was registered to EUS channel

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  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6
  • rhn_register
  • Premium and/or Extended Update Support (EUS) entitlement


  • Selected main updates channel in rhn_register but was registered to EUS channel
  • I ran rhn_register and accidentally selected the "limited updates" or EUS or "z channel", but then pressed Back and selected the main RHEL Server updates. When my system was registered, it was subscribed to the EUS channel and not the main updated channel.


This issue is under investigation via Red Hat Private Bug 1260454 - rhn_register registers to EUS channel when pressing Back and selecting main updates channel.


Browse to the system page on RHN Classic -

To to the Software tab and Software Channels sub-tab on the system page.

Change the Base Software Channel from the RHEL EUS Channel to the main Red Hat Enterprise Linux channel.

Click Modify Base Channel to save changes.

Root Cause

This appears to be a bug in rhn_register.

Diagnostic Steps

# rpm -qf $(which rhn_register)
  • Steps to Reproduce
    Install new RHEL 6.7 system
    Run rhn_register
    Provide account with EUS entitlements
    Select the "limited updates" EUS channel
    Press Next
    Press Back
    Select the main updates channel
    Press Next
    Proceed with registration
  • Actual results
    System is registered with EUS channel as base channel
  • Expected results
    System is registered with main updates channel as base channel

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