Adding or deleting the user on Red Hat Satellite 6 shows the error as User already exists.

Solution Verified - Updated -


  • Red Hat Satellite 6.X.


  • Created user authenticated via LDAP or AD. User is able to login.
  • Deleted user.
  • Tried to add user again via Administer >> Users >> New User.
  • WebUI reports User already exists although there is no listing of that account.


  • User was only removed from Organization and/or Location but was not deleted from Red Hat Satellite, refer below steps to delete user:

    • Login to Red Hat Satellite WebUI and go to Administer >> Locations. If there are multiple Locations created then check each Location one by one and navigate to Users tab and check if user entry already exists.

    • Similarly go to Administer >> Organizations, click on Users tab and check if user entry is already present.

    • If user is there in Location and Organization then need to move this user to Selected Items for Location and Organization currently being used. The current Location and Organization can be seen at Top left corner of Red Hat Satellite WebUI's context switcher.

    • After moving user to Selected Items user can be deleted by navigating to Administer >> Users >> Select the user >> Delete. This would delete user and the same user can be added again if needed.

  • Select Any Organization/Any Location from Top left corner of Red Hat Satellite WebUI's context switcher and check under Administer >> Users if user already exists.

Root Cause

  • User was present under Any Organization/Any Location, i.e- in some different Location and Organization except for the current one.

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