How to track remote ejb invocations in EAP 6.x/7.x?

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  • Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (EAP)
    • 6.x
    • 7.x


  • How to track remote ejb invocations in EAP 6.x/7.x?
  • We would ideally like a facility that would allow us to track incoming remote EJB calls in a format like an access log. For previous versions of the EAP we have written and installed a custom EJB invoker that provided this, minus the remote IP which would be very helpful, but our invoker does track per-call memory and cpu utilization which is quite handy. It appears EAP 6 does not have a pluggable container EJB invocation layer, and not having control over the source code we are at a loss in terms of how to better diagnose this problem. One approach is to perform tcpdump network captures of remoting port , but we could use some assistance in terms of how to best decode the network traffic. Do you have a protocol dissector for wireshark for instance?



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