logrotate causes requests through mod_cluster to temporarily fail

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  • JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (EAP) 6.x
  • mod_cluster
  • Apache httpd


  • We use logrotate, and when it rotates logs and restarts httpd processes, requests through mod_cluster temporarily fail


  • Use rotatelogs instead of logrotate to avoid the logrotate induced restarts
  • If using logrotate, set PersistSlots On in your httpd mod_cluster config so that mod_cluster balancer states are persisted across restarts.
    • When using PersistSlots, MODCLUSTER-427 can still cause short term request failures in newly initialized processes as the balancers aren't initialized in the new processes in time. Upgrade to mod_cluster 1.2.11.Final to address this.

Root Cause

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