Can BRMS 6 use Team Foundation Server (TFS) for rule versioning instead of Git ?

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  • Red Hat JBoss BRMS (BRMS)
    • 6.1.0


  • The requirement is to maintain the rules in Team Foundation Server TFS and not on the BRMS 6 internal Git repository. Does BRMS 6 come with out-of-the-box support for this kind of requirement or any plugin exists to achieve this requirement?
  • Can Git cloning be done with TFS in BRMS 6?


  • If the requirement is that the Business Central application would switch-off the use of it's back-end Git repository and instead would point to TFS , then it is not possible today. What is possible that users can use manually git remote commands to connect to a third-party remote Git repository and then push the contents of the local Git repository of Business Central to the third-party remote Git repository. The How to configure BRMS 6 server to use remote git repository to store assets ? article has the guidelines to achieve it. There is a proposed Git Hooks feature which is under consideration for giving the BRMS 6 users the flexibility to automatically push the Business Central's Git artifacts to remote Git server without any manual operation. But that is not possible as of BRMS 6.1 but it might be rolled out with BRMS 6.2 release (tentatively) .
  • As you can see in JBoss BxMS 6.3 throws TransportException "authentication not supported" by cloning git repository hosted by Microsoft TFS business-central can not clone an existing Git repository hosted in TFS due to the NTLM authentication requested from TFS that is not supported for JGit.

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