autofs-5.0.5-54.el6 segfaults with 'error 4 in[7f0dfe222000+1c000]' on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6

Updated 2013-08-28T14:17:22+00:00


  • autofs encounters segfaults after upgrading to autofs-5.0.5-54.el6.x86_64 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 with the following message in /var/log/messages:
automount[5195]: segfault at 28 ip 00007f0dfe22b862 sp 00007f0e01a7b960 error 4 in[7f0dfe222000+1c000]


  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6
  • autofs < 5.0.5-55.el6_3.x86_64.rpm

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