Multiple infinispan hibernate cache-containers in standalone.xml

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  • Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform
    • 6.4.0


  • Currently we are migrating out JBoss 5.1-0-GA (hibernate, seam, ...) applications to JBoss EAP 6.4.With JBoss 5.1.0-GA we used ehcache as 2nd level cache for hibernate and are currently migrating to infinispan. Originally we had 4 slightly different ehcache-configurations which were configured in the various persistence.xml files e.g. by using:
<property name="net.sf.ehcache.configurationResourceName" value="ehcache_asd.xml"/>
  • Is there a way to use:

    • external infinispan configurations.
    • multiple hibernate cache-container sections
      in standalone.xml?
  • We already tried standalone.xml infinispan configurations like

<cache-container name="hibernate-asd" aliases="standard-asd-cache" default-cache="entity" module=""> ... <cache-container name="hibernate-abg" aliases="standard-asd-cache" default-cache="entity" module=""> ... <cache-container name="hibernate-asd-abg" aliases="standard-asd-cache" default-cache="entity" module=""> ... <cache-container name="hibernate-asd-sst" aliases="standard-asd-cache" default-cache="entity" module="">


  • Hibernate Ehcache as a level 2 cache is not supported Does JBoss EAP 6 support Ehcache?
  • Need to use Infinispan as Hibernate second-level cache Configure Infinispan as a 2nd Level Cache in JPA/Hibernate
  • Adding additional caches for use by the JPA/Hibernate 2nd level cache is supported.
  • It's custom caches for direct use by the application that are not supported with Infinispan embedded in EAP.
  • By adding custom caches used directly by the application which is not supported.
  • If the application is putting/retrieving some operations directly in Infinispan, it's not supported. But hibernate using Infinispan underneath is supported.

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