How can I renew my subscription?

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Red Hat subscriptions can be purchased in several ways. How your subscription is renewed is dependent on the method of purchase.

  • For subscriptions purchased directly from Red Hat, visit your subscription inventory in Red Hat Subscription Management and click the 'Renew' link for a subscription that is available for renewal.

  • For Red Hat Developer Program subscriptions, learn more about renewal on the Red Hat Developers website

  • For subscriptions purchased from a third party, contact the vendor from whom you originally purchased the subscription. Use our Partner Locator to find contact information for your vendor.

For assistance with all renewal methods, contact Red Hat Customer Service in your region.

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When I click on the "Renew Now" link under my "Available for Renewal" subscriptions, my cart begins to load, then a message stating "The product you are trying to add is unavailable" appears. As a result, I am currently unable to renew my subscription online.

To follow up on my post from 02/29/2012, renewing my subscription online proved impossible. After calling 1-888-REDHAT1, several email exchanges with Red Hat Customer Service were required to complete the process. I'm still not sure it was a true renewal, though, because my contract number has changed. I'll find out within the next 24 hours whether or not this affects my systemid, and if I'll need to re-register my system, which is something I'd hoped to avoid.

Yep, it's impossible to renew online, very frustrating :-(

I have confirmation contract No and PO to renew subscription for the system declared in my accout. This servers do not have internet connection.

Previous subscription will expire in 30days.

Is there any chat/phone support, to guide how to renew offline the subscription ?

I had an issue where I couldn't renew a 30day eval. Turns out Red Hat doesn't support renewing them (turning them into regular annual subscriptions.) Found the answer in another KB article. So if you have an eval, let it lapse then buy a new subscription. That works for me.