New Subscriptions are not visible on the portal/Unable to list or attach newly purchased subscriptions/Account sync issue.

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  • Red Hat Customer Portal
  • All Red Hat Enterprise Linux Environment


  • New Subscriptions are not visible on the portal
  • New Subscriptions are not visible on the portal
  • Subscription manager commands not listing any available subscriptions
  • Cannot attach subscriptions
  • Able to register the system but when try to subscribe it can’t find a valid subscription. Auto-attach says it worked but no subscriptions are attached.


  • If the newly purchased Subscriptions are not visible on the Customer Portal, possibly an account sync issue. Please contactCustomerService reference this Solution, to make sure your account is in sync.

  • While sending an email to the customer service please provide the following details.

    • Account
    • Log-in ID
    • Contract #
  • If this issue persists, please file a support case

Root Cause

  • Subscriptions are not synced with the account properly.

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