[Satellite6] Unable to view Satellite WEBUI

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  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)
  • Red Hat Satellite v6.0.x


  • Unable to browse Satellite WEBUI.
  • Browsing the Satellite WEBUI gives The connection has timed out error message.


  • If VM is created in DMZ environment, make sure firewall is not blocking the connection.

Diagnostic Steps

  • Check the connectivity between the system and the satellite server.
# telnet satellite.fqdn 443
# telnet satellite.fqdn 80
# traceroute -T -p 443 satellite.fqdn
  • Make sure firewall is not blocking the connection. Try disabling it temporarily and then re-try.


# systemctl stop firewalld
# systemctl stop iptables
# setenforce 0


service iptables stop
setenforce 0

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