Which ports are used by BPM Suite 6?

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  • Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite (BPM Suite)
    • 6.x
  • Red Hat JBoss BRMS (BRMS)
    • 6.x


  • Which ports are used by BPM Suite 6?


If running on JBoss EAP 6, it uses the same ports used by EAP 6 (5445, 9990, 5455, 9999, 8080, 4447) and additionally it requires two ports, one for the git daemon and other for the ssh services. These can be disabled or you can change the port numbers and host using the following properties:

<property name="org.uberfire.nio.git.daemon.host" value="localhost" />
<property name="org.uberfire.nio.git.daemon.port" value="9417" />
<property name="org.uberfire.nio.git.daemon.hostport" value="9417" />
<property name="org.uberfire.nio.git.ssh.host" value="localhost" />
<property name="org.uberfire.nio.git.ssh.port" value="8002" />
<property name="org.uberfire.nio.git.ssh.hostport" value="8002" />

These services can be disabled, however, bear in mind that when running JBoss BPM Suite in a cluster, the git service is required:

<property name="org.uberfire.nio.git.daemon.enabled" value="true" />
<property name="org.uberfire.nio.git.ssh.enabled" value="false" />

Note: The following 2 system properties are no longer used in 6.4.0 and later even though these are still listed in the document.

  • org.uberfire.nio.git.daemon.hostport
  • org.uberfire.nio.git.ssh.hostport

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