JON Agent fails to perform plug-in update at startup due to: Command failed to be authenticated

Updated 2012-06-03T04:55:01+00:00


  • Agent plug-in download fails
  • new plugins installed into JON are not downloaded by the agent at startup
  • Agent seems to ignore rhq.agent.update-plugins-at-startup
  • Agent log contains the following warning within a minute of startup:

    WARN  [RHQ Server Polling Thread] (org.rhq.enterprise.agent.AgentMain)- {AgentMain.plugin-update-failure}Failed to update the plugins.. Cause: org.rhq.enterprise.communications.command.server.AuthenticationException: Command failed to be authenticated!  This command will be ignored and not processed: Command: type=[remotepojo]; cmd-in-response=[false]; config=[{rhq.agent-name=localhost.localdomain, rhq.externalizable-strategy=AGENT, rhq.send-throttle=true}]; params=[{invocation=NameBasedInvocation[getLatestPlugins], targetInterfaceName=org.rhq.core.clientapi.server.core.CoreServerService}]


  • JBoss Operations Network (JON) 3.0, 3.0.1
  • SSL is enabled for JON server
  • JON server's non-secure TCP port is unreachable from agent's host machine

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