After an upgrade, agent's custom configurations are not saved when the agent is downloaded from the JON 3.3 GUI.

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  • Red Hat JBoss Operations Network (ON)
    • 3.3


  • If I had clicked download rhq-agent within JON 3.3.0 gui after upgrading I expected to get the new 3.3.0 agent with my custom agent configuration from the old agent in it. But all I got was a new agent without any custom configurations.


  • Currently, if you upgrade to JON 3.3 using the ./rhqctl upgrade --from-server-dir .... --from-agent-dir ...command., the previous versionsagent-configuration.xml and log4j.xml files are saved.
  • So in the upgraded agent's conf directory you will find 4 configuration files : , and the agent-configuration.xml and log4j.xml files from the previous version of JON.
  • However, after upgrade, if you download the agent from the GUI, then this is not the case. You will have the agent-configuration.xml and the log4j.xml which are available with a fresh/new agent. Previous configurations are not saved.
  • We have captured this requirement in a Feature Request (internal RFE) ensure that the user's customizations are retained even when the agent is downloaded from the GUI .

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