From a Security hardening point of view, Is it possible to customize RHEL Atomic host ?

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  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Atomic Host
  • Security Hardening


From a Security hardening point of view, Is it possible to customize Red Hat Enterprise Linux Atomic host ?


Customizing the replicated rpm-ostree is currently un-supported. You can modify the configuration files present in /etc. Example if sshd service on the atomic host is not required, then disable sshd service using systemctl disable sshd. Changes to /etc are rolled forward. But any other changes are not rolled forward automatically

  • Unsupported Method:

Following option is listed here just to meet the requirement if any. Red Hat will not provide support for issues that arises due to customization. Contact Red Hat Technical Support for further questions

"deployments" can be found Under /ostree/deploy/rhel-atomic-host/deploy. cd to the corresponding deployment(ostree admin status should list the current deployment in use) and make the required changes. Redo the same changes after applying updates using rpm-ostree upgrade

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