How to configure JBoss B*MS 6 installation to point to a custom maven deployment repository?

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  • Red Hat JBoss Business Process Management Suite (BPMS) 6.x
  • Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Business Rule Management System (BRMS) 6.x


We have two BRMS instances on the same server (xx and yy). Each instance have their own brms maven repo defined as follows:

    xx -> <property name="org.guvnor.m2repo.dir" value="/home/hello/brmsMavenRepository_xx"/>
    yy -> <property name="org.guvnor.m2repo.dir" value="/home/hello/brmsMavenRepository_yy"/>

Also, there is a Common Maven Repository (local m2 Repo) specified in settings.xml as:


When uploading a jar dependency from only one of the instances, the classes in that jar can be seen in both instances as all uploaded jars will also be placed in the Common Maven Repository, see an example below:

  1. jar1 has a dependency on jar2;
  2. jar1 is uploaded in xx instance from Artifact Repository page (business-central);
    Note: after uploading it will be placed in brmsMavenRepository_xx and brmsMavenRepository (Common Maven Repository);
  3. xx instance displays an error due to the jar2 be missing;
  4. jar2 is uploaded in yy instance from Artifact Repository page;
  5. xx instance is able to display classes from jar2 even if it is uploaded from another instance;
  • How to avoid this behaviour?
  • How to configure JBoss B*MS 6 installation to point to a custom maven deployment repository?


The default setup is that the products will look for your maven settings in the default settings.xml as found set in the M2_HOME variable or in the users home directory at .m2/settings.xml.

The following system property can be added to JBoss EAP standalone.xml configuration file to point to any file containing your custom settings:

  • kie.maven.settings.custom it specifies the location of the maven configuration file where it can find its settings.

Below you can see how to configure an installation to point to your custom maven deployment repository by using a custom settings file we will call bpmsuite-settings.xml:

    <!-- Configuration property found in standalone.xml -->
    <property name="kie.maven.settings.custom" value="/path/to/custom/bpmsuite-settings.xml" />

Note: You can also use this approach if you have two BRMS instances on the same server and needs to use different Maven Repository for each one of them.

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