Add custom JS libraries in JPP 6 to be used by all portlets

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  • Red Hat JBoss Portal (JPP)
    • 6.x


  • How to add some custom JS libraries inside my Jboss Portal so that all my portlets would just access it ?


Below steps should be followed in order to load custom JS files at the portal level and use it in a portlet.

1) Inside portal.war (or in a portal extension's war), created a folder called js which holds the script files.


2) The hello.js is a simple script file and has following in it :

function helloWorld()
{alert("js loaded at portal level")}

3) In the /portal.war/WEB-INF/gatein-resources.xml (or in the portal extension's war), loaded the js file/s (which should be loaded at the portal level) as below :


4) Now, in the portlet's gatein-resources.xml , use the loaded javascript as :


5) On adding the portlet to a page and accessing it, it shows a pop up which signifies that script has been loaded.

If you want to load or change the default JQuery version that ships with EPP, refer

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