Many temporary files are created under /tmp directory after starting BPMS 6 server instance.

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  • Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite
    • 6.x
  • Red Hat BRMS
    • 6.x


  • Many temporary files( gitz*woot & graphicElement*.tmp) created under /tmp directory after starting BPMS 6 server instance.
  • Our Windows system where BRMS is running stopped due to lack of disk space in system partition.
    We see too many files something like the following under C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Temp\2 and these consumed too much disk space.
    ・ org.kie.example-project1-1.1-0.7373352181135707.jar
    ・ gitz1321307461796834032woot
    ・ meta5669635829425360546dot
    ・ graphicElement8517471432968706667.tmp
    ・ testxls4972635359655069555.tmp
    Why are these files generated? Can we delete these?


These temporary files are created by , and under the path specified by system property Server instance will not clear these files while shutdown, so it is needed to clean these files manually or with the help of custom script when server instance is not running, especially on Windows environment.

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Include "rm -rf {Catalina_home}/tmp/*" statement in file at 1st line. During server startup /tmp files will be removed.