How to move existing jBPM5 project and their artifacts stored in SVN to BPM Suite or BRMS 6 repository ?

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  • Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite (BPMS) 6.x
  • Red Hat JBoss BRMS (BRMS) 6.x


There is an already existing jBPM5 project in SVN . It is required to move the project and it's artifacts to JBDS 7.x workspace and deploy that project into a new BPM suite 6 or BRMS 6 environment. No migration of process / data from Guvnor is required as part of the process. What are the steps for that process?


  • SVN and Git are two different version control systems and the internal repository maintained by Business Central in BPMS 6 or BRMS 6 is done through Git not SVN . If the source code maintained in SVN is following a Maven project structure then it is possible to import the project into JBDS or any Eclipse based IDE as a Maven Project.
  • Now, as per the BPM Suite - Administration and Configuration Guide , the below mentioned procedures can be followed to ensure that the source SVN artifacts are uploaded into the BPMS or BRMS repository and accessible via Business Central:
  1. Log in to Business Central.
  2. Create a new Repository which has similar naming convention (or whatever it is preferred to be named) .
  3. Go to Project Authoring and create one or two Projects which has the same package structure so as to mock the project structure that the source SVN project used to maintain.
  4. Now, come back to JBDS and clone that BPMS repository which has just been created.
  5. Visit the workspace in the local filesystem which just got created due to cloning of the Business Central project.
  6. Since the SVN project was earlier downloaded into the local filesystem , now, start copying the artifacts (i.e. Source codes, rule assets, process definitions etc.) from that previously downloaded SVN projects and place them in the folder structure of the cloned repository in the workspace.
  7. Once done, go back to JBDS to view your cloned Business Central repository, and do Commit and Push to the changes which has just been made to the repository.

This might look tedious , but things would have been quite easy if the source project would have been maintained in a Git repository as Business Central provides a feature to Clone from an existing Git repository to avoid this manual procedure.

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